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hardbackhollow Yoga Mat Strap - Box of 10

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Ocean Green

Product Description

Box of 10

This sturdy and simple yoga mat strap from hardbackhollow allows you to swing your yoga mat over your shoulder or carry it easily across your chest.

  • a yoga belt and mat carrier in one
  • once you've released your mat, you can use the strap as a yoga belt to extend and lengthen reach in poses such as paschimottanasana (forward bend) and gomukhasana (cow face pose)
  • adjustable loops to slide in your mat
  • simple and easy to use
  • available in a range of colours to contrast with or match your yoga mat

The yoga mat in the picture is for display purposes only.

hardbackhollow offers a generous discount on our products that are bought wholesale. We are unable to amend the quantity pack size. If you decide to return an item, you must return the full pack


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Suitable For
Any size of yoga mat
Care Instructions
Clean with a soft brush and lukewarm soap water
185cm length x 3.7cm width



  • Is this strap machine washable?

    We advise to spot wash the strap, however if needed you can machine wash at a very low temperature.

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