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Wholesale Equipment

A selection of yoga mats, bolsters and props available in bulk quantities for your class, studio or gym.

Yoga Mats

The best yoga mats for all styles of practice.


Bolsters & Cushions

Props for meditation, rest and relaxation.


Blocks & Bricks

Key props to provide support and lift.



Folded, rolled or draped, blankets are one of our favourite props



A classic prop for Iyengar and Chair Yoga.


Yoga Mat Towels

Perfect for hot yoga and dynamic classes.


Yoga Belts

Lengthen and extend with our wide range of belts.


All Wholesale Props

Shop all wholesale props and accessories.


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hardbackhollow for your Business

Discover the hardbackhollow corporate yoga and wellbeing range, a meaningful way to introduce wellness into your business

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hardbackhollow has developed an amazing range of yoga mats, props and accessories, designed for regular use in yoga studios and classes.

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