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Our Diversity Charter

Here at hardbackhollow, we passionately believe that diversity, equity, inclusion & representation matter and are committed to supporting this both within our organisation and throughout the wider yoga community.

We place a high value on equality, equity and diversity. 

When it comes to customers and employees, hardbackhollow will not demonstrate differential treatment, directly or indirectly, due to gender, sexuality, disability, age, religion or belief, racial or ethnic origin.

We treat every hardbackhollow customer with dignity and respect. 

hardbackhollow operates a zero-tolerance attitude to discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace and in service to our customers.

We ensure our staff feel respected and valued. 

hardbackhollow strives to create a welcoming and inclusive working environment for all employees.

We believe in equal & equitable opportunities in the workplace. 

hardbackhollow will uphold a fair process in all aspects of employment including recruitment, promotion and opportunities for training.

We actively promote yoga for all. 

When it comes to yoga, hardbackhollow champions inclusion and diversity. We believe everyone deserves to see themselves represented within our yoga community. We are proud to support an inspiring mix of yoga teachers and students on their unique yoga journeys.

We are here to serve your yoga and wellbeing journey.

Always have. Always will.

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