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Exclusive discounts for members of Iyengar Yoga (UK)

The relationship between hardbackhollow and IY(UK) goes back a long way. hardbackhollow was founded in 1996 by Iyengar Yoga teachers, Paul Walker and Sandi Sharkey, with a desire to equip yoga students and teachers in the UK with the essential yoga props and mats for their yoga practice.

Over twenty years on, and hardbackhollow continues its commitment to supply yoga practitioners all over the world with the books, props, mats and accessories to support and inspire their yoga journey. 

Discounts for all Iyengar Yoga (UK) members

To register for your hardbackhollow discount, all you need to do is fill in the form below. We will check your name on the IY(UK) membership list and enable your discount at the correct level.

How it works

Once you have been informed of your eligibility and the correct discount level for you, this discount will automatically be applied to every order that you place with hardbackhollow, whatever the size of your order. You‘ll see your discounted prices whenever you’re logged in to our website.

You can also order bulk boxes of mats and props directly from the wholesale sections of our site. These boxes offer excellent value, although there is less flexibility with colour choices. Please be aware that selected wholesale, clearance and special offer products do not qualify for the regular discounts and that discount levels are subject to change.

If you have any further questions, then do not hesitate to contact the hardbackhollow team here »

Benefits of signing up for a hardbackhollow account:

  • Exclusive discounts to help you on your yoga journey
  • Exclusive news and offers from hardbackhollow tailored for yoga teachers
  • Promote your events, retreats and classes in the hardbackhollow events listings

3 Simple Steps

1Create an account if you haven’t got one.
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2Register your IY(UK) membership details below

3We will be in touch with you once your discount has been applied.

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