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Prints in Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle 500 Pieces - Flow With It

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Each puzzle in the Prints in Pieces collection has been designed by an emerging female artist around the world & is made to displayed as a beautiful print once completed. We're proud to showcase designs from artists far and wide including Germany, South Africa, Brazil, India & more.

About the Artist: Yani Putra is an illustrator and designer based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Using a range of greens, burnt oranges and muted blues, Flow With It is a tranquil depiction of inner peace and relaxation. Follow Yani on Instagram @y.illustrations

  • Size: 500 pieces
  • Puzzle dimensions: 61 x 46cm
  • Puzzle poster included
  • Matte finish on puzzle & box
  • Pieces come in a muslin cotton bag
  • Box & pieces made with recycled cardboard

About Prints in Pieces

As challenging as 2020 was, it taught us one key thing — to slow down. Our lives have become an endless race against the clock, scrambling to save a minute here, a few seconds there.

The idea for Prints in Pieces was born during this time of pause.

Puzzles are a way to unplug. From the endless screen time and the incessant scrolling that's an even bigger part of our lives than it ever was before.

We hope you'll be inspired to pause, embrace the peace & quiet, and enjoy art in a whole new way — in pieces.


prints in pieces
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Recycled cardboard

61 x 46cm



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