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Liberating Isolation: the Yogasutra of Patanjali

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Product Description

Liberating Isolation is an English translation and commentary on the Yogasutra of Pataïjali by Frans Moors, a long time pupil of the renowned Yogacharya TKV Desikachar.

Despite unknown origins, yoga was documented for the first time in the form of the Yogasütra, authored by the great Yogé Pataïjali. Presented in the form of pithy statements, this text documents the entire philosophical system of Yoga in four logically arranged chapters. The aphorisms are simple in their rendering, yet pregnant with layers of meaning. The profound worth of this work has kept it alive through history, and every succeeding master of Yoga has always considered the Yogasütra as the definitive source of reference.

Despite its intrinsic value in guiding people for so many generations, the genius of Pataïjali is not easy to comprehend, especially for the casual reader. This is why so many translations and commentaries on the Yogasütra have been written by great teachers, each offering different insights into its rich teachings. This translation presents the essence of Yoga philosophy to international readers, and features the aphorisms in both the classical and simplified forms in Devanägaré script, their transliterated version, word-to-word meaning, and a concise translation and commentary. The text also includes a comprehensive word index to aid readers in their reference and studies.

* We receive some books from India in less than perfect condition. There may be some damage to this title.


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