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How to Find Your Happy Place Journal

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Product Description

A guided journal to help you find your happy place whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Take a mental escape with How To Find Your Happy Place, a guided journal that will help you visualise the space you need, whether it's to calm and comfort you, or fill you with inspiration.

Everyone has their 'happy place', a place they can go to feel strong and calm. Your happy place is a safe haven, a blanket from which you can escape the stresses of the world and remember life's treasured moments. Every happy place is as different and individual as the person who seeks it, but while it's easy to go there in your mind, some days it's harder to find.

Wherever yours is (and you could have a few!) this book offers new inspiration and a plethora of suggestions to help you discover happy places for whichever energies you wish to cultivate.

Find happy places for:

-    Peace and calm

-    Healing

-    Love and kindness

-    Happiness

-    Rejuvenation

Move through descriptions of comforting places and inspiring mantras to locate the emotional space you need. Accompanying journal pages give you the space to describe inner landscapes you wish to revisit, record a memory that carries you into that emotion more quickly or to simply express your feelings. Whenever you need it, your happy place is there for you. On the days when it seems the furthest away, turn a page, and let the words lead you home.


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